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IPCU investigators offer exclusive services for protection of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark, copyright and brand protection against counterfeiting, infringements, piracy and imitations similar to the extent to cause confusion with genuine goods (passing off). We are available 24/7 for the official government authorities.

We have successful partnership with official government authorities at all levels – GeneralDirectorate for Combating Organized Crime/GDCOC, Police, Interpol, Europol, National Agency of National Security, Ministry of Culture, Patent office, National Revenue Agency, Customs etc.;

Our exclusive range of IPR enforcement services covers:


• Investigation and preparation of detailed investigation customer-tailored reports
• Investigation of manufacture and storage of counterfeit goods
• Investigation of marketing and distribution logistics of counterfeit goods
• Market research, investigation on location and test purchases
• Investigation of cases of import and transnational transport/trans-border movement of counterfeit goods. Availability of trustworthy partners in all neighboring and Balkan countries
• Dismantling organized crime groups dealing with counterfeits
• Investigation of e-commerce businesses dealing with counterfeits
• Investigation of cybercrimes


• Providing logistic assistance in the destruction of counterfeits
• Consulting police authorities on the proper and accurate collection of evidence during the police investigation


• Conducting a national market monitoring on a regular basis. The monitoring report presents a thorough study of the current market state, problematic areas and particular types of infringements documented with specific photo material and test purchases. It generates a clear picture for the brand owner regarding the production and distribution of counterfeits thus helping generate and plan future actions.
• Providing an analysis of the results and coordinating next steps with the brand holder.
• The client acquires our professional view of how we can resolve the issues in the areas where IPR infringements have been established.


• Taking part in police raids on behalf of the client representing him as witness and expert to certify the counterfeited nature of the goods
• Guaranteed quality of the entire process of the police raids
• Excellent contacts with all related police departments in the territories we operate in


• Drafting documents on behalf of the client
• Preparing expert opinions on behalf of the client, based on completed investigation or client’s report/correspondence
• Filing of leads
• Liaising with respective police departments and planning raids
• Contacting third parties (such as DA’s offices), if needed


• Keeping the client updated on the latest developments regarding the protection of his intellectual property rights
• Providing the client with permanent market monitoring and regular reports on findings
• Surveillance of the latest trends in counterfeiting and reporting them to the client upon request

We would also like to emphasize that as intellectual property rights investigators we closely follow the professional ethics rules and everything disclosed or found during the investigation process is kept strictly privileged and confidential.

IPCU prohibits corruption and bribery in any form and we strictly follow and comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation.