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Perfumes industry

Perfumes industry

Perfumery is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and one of the most imitated and counterfeited, and Bulgaria makes no exception. In that regard IPCU team was contacted and requested to take part in one of the latest productions of one of the French national television – a documentary on perfumes and their stories, […]

Fake goods were seized from the premises of three manufacturers in the town of Haskovo

Upon IPCU preliminary investigation on location, officers of the Haskovo PD successfully raided the premises of 3 manufacturers situated in the so-called “Red Wall” quarter in the town of Haskovo. The police seized 467 different counterfeits – sport outfits, T-shirts, cutouts, etc. The cases were reported to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office and criminal proceedings were […]

Counterfeits worth over EUR 300 000 were seized in the city of Shumen

Following extensive investigation by IPCU team, officers of the Shumen PD seized a huge number of branded luxury and sports counterfeits in a specialized IPR protection raid, carried out under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office. Two warehouses owned by 38 year-old  “I.P.” were raided and over 4000 products were seized at the approximate […]