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IPCU – Intellectual Property Crimes Unit

Trust in our proved professionalism

Who We Are

The only IP investigation company in Bulgaria

IPCU – Intellectual Property Crimes Unit was established in November 2016 by three professional investigators. Each of us has over the back many years of extensive experience in the investigation of IP crimes and their successful realization through Police verifications. After many years of practice as intellectual property investigators, we have decided to merge our extensive experience and create a strong Unit with a wide network of law enforcement authorities and IPR experts to secure and safeguard the intellectual property rights of our clients. Our impeccable reputation guarantees the best possible solutions for our customers’ brand and copyright protection in Bulgaria and the SEE region. Our aim is to provide effective brand and copyright protection and investigative services to clients – multinational IP rights holders and brand owners. Our main strategy is to provide our clients with “the best service with the best result at the best price”. Our proved professionalism and capabilities give us the opportunity to  accomplish/implement our strategy for each of our clients. We work with global leading companies in the sectors of business and entertainment software, spirits products, luxury goods, apparel, footwear, sport goods, pharma, car parts, perfumery, toys, food, health, hygiene etc.